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Welcome to the home of Build Something Amazing with Zubes, the world's most incredible eco-friendly modular furniture building blocks!

Use Zubes to create an almost endless range of furniture configurations - anything from a bed to a crib to a desk to a wardrobe to whatever else you can imagine. If you can think it, you can build it with Zubes!

Choose from our wide-range of Zubes sizes, pick your colors then simply stack them, lock them together and you have a piece of beautiful, unique and incredibly functional furniture! Then just decide which of the interchangeable modular accessories you need to complete your masterpiece of modern furniture sculpture.

And when your situation inevitably changes and you need to switch that piece of furniture art for something new, simply unlock your Zubes and rearrange them to suit your new situation. No fuss, no waste, no hassle!

Zubes are available in a broad-range of colors & sizes along with an ever growing range of interchangeable accessories that allow you to create or recreate anything from a crib to a toddlers bed or a multi-level bunk bed to a queen or king. Even desks, coffee tables & closets! The possibilities are endless... and each piece of Zubes modular furniture is unique to you!

Our entire Zubes range is built to order using 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic materials - from the wood to the paint so you never have to worry about toxic chemicals that exist in so many furniture products nowadays! And with our Z-Cycle Buy-Back Guarantee program, you'll never be stuck with furniture that you no longer need.

Build Something Amazing with Build Something Amazing with Zubes.

And before we forget, all our products are designed & built entirely in our family-owned & operated business in Shirley, Massachusetts.

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